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Innovative system design for any commercial facility

Since 1977, California Energy Designs has designed innovative HVAC and Plumbing Systems for a wide-range of commercial facilities, including both new construction and historic renovation projects.

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System Design for Commercial Facilities

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Our innovative approach to system design has distinguished us from competitors for an unparalleled ability to tackle any engineering challenge. Combining creativity with laser-focused industry-expertise, we have succeeded where others dare not tread.

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Portfolios 1

Belzberg Architects | LEED-Certified Santa Monica Offices

Belzberg Architects | Office Buildings

Portfolios 2

AT&T Data Center | Commercial Cooling System

AT&T Madison Complex | Commercial Facility | Data Center Cooling System

Portfolios 3

Foo Fighters Sound Studio | Acoustic HVAC System

Foo Fighters Studio 606 | Sound Studio | Noise-Reduced HVAC System Design

Portfolios 4

Shrine Auditorium | HVAC System

Shrine Auditorium | Event Venue & Concert Hall | HVAC System Redesign

Portfolios 5

Kaplan Pavilion at City of Hope | MEP Engineer

Kaplan Family Pavillion at City of Hope | Mixed-Use | Medical & Research Facility

Portfolios 6

Brotman Medical Center | HVAC & Plumbing Design

Brotman Medical Center | Full HVAC & Plumbing System Redesign

California Energy Designs | Hycor Biomedical Cleanroom Cooling System Design | Cooling System Stock Photo

Hycor Biomedical | Cleanroom Cooling System

Hycor Biomedical | Air Quality Control System | Cooling for Pharmaceutical Cleanroom (8 Zones)

Portfolios 7

Composite Horizons | Dust-Collection System | Air Quality Control

Composite Horizons | Air-Quality Control System | Dust-Collection System

Portfolios 8

Boeing Facility | Air Quality Control System

Boeing Facility | Air Quality Control System | Spray Booth Ventilation

Portfolios 9

VACCO Industries | Dip Tank Exhaust

VACCO Industries | Air Quality Control System | Dip Tank Exhaust System

Portfolios 10

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) | Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center | HVAC and Plumbing Engineer

Portfolios 11

Kawada Hotel | HVAC System

Kawada Hotel & Restaurant | HVAC Design


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Specialty Facilities

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Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

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Our consulting engineers have pioneered Wellness-Enhanced designs for office buildings and commercial facilities. With a focus on improving overall occupant well-being, we implement sophisticated air filtration and ventilation systems, improving airflow, circulation, and clean air standards. These improvements in Indoor Air-Quality (IAQ) have been shown to boost productivity, worker performance, and decrease absense due to illness.

We are also an official partner with wellness-organization, Delos Living.

Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality facilities must ensure customers have a comfortable, reliable, and pleasant environment during their stay. This also must come in an economical, scalable, and manageable packge, which makes efficient system design absolutely crucial. From hotels with individually-controlled air conditioning systems in each unit to restaurants and conference centers with high-capacity airflow & plumbing systems, our team has produced efficient and reliable designs for hospitality facilities of all types.

With extensive experience in event venue, sound stage, and theater projects, we understand the unique needs of such facilities. From acoustic HVAC systems with “Sound Trap” equipment, Noise-Dampening materials, and Kinetic Isolation Suspension systems to Airflow Design for high-capacity event venues, our consulting engineering team will tailor a bespoke design to your facility’s unique needs.

When it comes to healthcare and medical facilities, patient safety is paramount. It is critical that any potential contaminants are removed from air circulation to safeguard immune-comprised individuals from risk. Our consulting engineers have extensive experience designing Airflow & Ventilation systems for hospitals, patient facilities, and medical research centers. As a result, our accumulated expertise guides us in ensuring the safe, comfortable, and wellness-promoting environment for all occupants.

Our consulting engineers have designed both standard airflow systems and stringent, aseptic clean-room environments for aerospace facilities. From Spray Booth Exhaust systems for Boeing’s production line to Dust-Collection systems in Composite Horizons’ aerospace components manufacturing plant, we have expertise in ventilation design for hazardous particulate removal. Our team also has extensive experience designing Air-Quality Control Systems (AQCS) for aerospace cleanrooms, including custom filter banks and aseptic airflow systems for space-bound vessels, including facilities for aerospace company SpaceX.

When it comes to aerospace facilities, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical clean-rooms, and medical device manufacturing, extreme levels of precision are required to ensure proper environmental control. With facilities that hold strict temperature, humidity, contamination and clean air requirements—both for regulatory and safety reasons—it is crucial that proper Air-Quality Control Systems (AQCS) are implemented to produce a stringently aseptic environment.

Our consulting engineering team has unparalleled experience designing specialty systems for such environments; from clean-rooms for aerospace facilities producing space-bound vessels to airflow systems in medical device facilities that manufacture allergen, autoimmune, and in-vitro products, we have produced bespoke system designs for the most exacting facilities in the world.

Our prior work includes the design of custom spray booth exhausts for Boeing, industrial Dust-Collection systems for Composite Horizons, Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms for Amgen, Contaminated Soil Remediation systems for EnviroPro, Heating & Fuel Distribution systems for the U.S. Navy, and many more that are viewable on our Projects page.

Commercial Facilities | Our Work 28
Commercial Facilities | Our Work 29

Kawada Hotel & Restaurant | Downtown LA

Hospitality & Dining

Kawada Hotel & Restaurant | Downtown LA

Located just blocks from Staples Center, the Kawada Hotel in Downtown L.A. was originally built in the 1920s. A historic building in the Civic District of Los Angeles, the hotel & restaurant underwent extensive renovations in 2004. California Energy Designs served as the mechanical engineering firm on this hospitality facility, designing new HVAC & Plumbing systems for the retrofitted hotel and restaurant. The project included the addition of individually-controlled air conditioning units in each of the commercial facility’s 116 suites.

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Office Buildings

Belzberg Architects’ Offices | Santa Monica, CA

For the design of its own office facilities, Santa Monica-based Belzberg Architects took a highly innovative approach in addressing its energy needs. Our consulting engineers provided HVAC, Plumbing, and Air-Quality control expertise on the LEED-Certified project. The one-of-a-kind commercial facility utilized elements inherent in its coastal surroundings—including 100% passive ventilation from prevailing winds, channeled into the building by a specially designed wind tunnel—to achieve LEED-NC Gold-certification.

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Commercial Facilities | Our Work 30

Belzberg Architects Offices | Santa Monica, CA

Commercial Facilities | Our Work 31

HVAC & Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS)

Speciality Facilities & Cleanrooms

Hycor Biomedical Manufacturing Facility

Hycor Biomedical is a medical device manufacturer and supplier specializing in allergy testing, autoimmune, and in-vitro diagnostic products. Our team at California Energy Designs produced HVAC and Air-Quality Control systems for the company’s Garden Grove manufacturing facility, supplying over 45-tons of cooling, in eight distinct zones, for the facility’s pharmaceutical-grade clean-rooms.

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Integrated Building Solutions

We provide clients with bespoke system designs in the latest computer aided drafting formats. For applicable projects, we utilize Revit 3D to produce highly-versatile designs which allow for a more intricate and analytical Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow.

HVAC Design

We use the latest equipment that HVAC technology has to offer in order to successfully engineer and design commercial facility heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We couple the latest equipment with standard air distribution and energy management systems.

Plumbing Design

Specializing in sophisticated and basic plumbing systems, we have extensive experience with radiant designs, sewage ejection systems, area drainage, fixture selection & plumbing calculations, riser diagrams, and solar for commercial heating systems.

Air-Quality Control Systems

From Air-Pollution management and Indoor Air-Quality (IAQ) wellness design applications to custom contaminant-control systems for clean-room facilities, we have extensive AQCS experience in virtually every sector. Our work includes performing conceptual studies, engineering, and design of equipment for reduction of hazardous air pollutants.

Commercial Facilities | Our Work 32
Commercial Facilities | Our Work 33
Commercial Facilities | Our Work 34

Wellness Design

Improved Environments for Improved Performance

Study after study continues to show the significant impact of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial facilities. From increased occupant performance and psychological well-being to decreased sick-leave and energy cost-savings, it has become evident that energy-efficient facilities simply perform better.

When it comes to commercial wellness initiatives, everything begins with the engineering process to design high-performing energy systems. Our team has extensive experience in Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS), including a global partnership with wellness-organization, Delos Living.

  • Standardized Cognitive Test Results
  • Ordinary Ventilation
  • Doubled Ventilation
Commercial Facilities | Our Work 35
Commercial Facilities | Our Work 36
Increasing Occupant Productivity & Reducing Waste

The Impact of Indoor Air Quality

Increased Performance
Per Person Productivity Boost
Annual Cost of Inefficient Systems

Occupant Productivity Boost

A comprehensive Harvard Study found that the productivity benefits a doubling of ventilation rates in a commercial facility generates an additional $6,500 per person per year.

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Decrease in Illness-Based Absenses

An increase in building ventilation reduced occupant sick-leave by 35% in a comprehensive study of commercial facilities.

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Cost-Savings of Energy-Efficient Design

The EPA estimates that typical commercial facility wastes 30% of its energy, totaling $60 billion in excess annual costs.

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    AT&T Madison Complex

    Main Equipment Building & Office Space | Data Center Cooling Retrofit
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    Shrine Auditorium

    Facilities Improvement | HVAC System Retrofit
    Commercial Facilities | Our Work 39

    Boeing Production Facility

    Air Quality Control | Spray Booth Exhaust System
    Commercial Facilities | Our Work 40

    Belzberg Architects | Santa Monica Headquarters

    Office Building | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Commercial Facilities | Our Work 41

    Kaplan Pavilion at City of Hope

    Medical & Mixed-Use Commercial Complex | MEP Engineer
    Commercial Facilities | Our Work 42

    Hycor Biomedical

    Cleanroom | Air Quality Control & HVAC Design