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Boeing Facility | Air Quality Control System

Located in Long Beach, CA, Boeing’s C-17 cargo plane manufacturing property is a sprawling 93-acre plot of land, featuring a 1.1-million-square-foot main assembly building. California Energy Designs served as the mechanical design engineer for the facility’s Spray Booth Exhaust system. During the manufacturing process, Boeing planes are assembled and then painted in specialty spray booths. In any Air Quality Control System (ACQS), proper ventilation is essential to ensure contaminants and potentially hazardous materials can be swiftly removed from the environment. This is even more essential in the case of Aerospace Spray Booths, where hazardous paint fumes and toxic solvents must be exhausted outside, in a thorough manner, to prevent any risk of negative health effects. Similar to the dust control process, removal of paint fumes and over-spray from a manufacturing facility is a specialized ventilation application that calls for specialty exhaust system designs.

When designing commercial and industrial ventilation systems for paint booths, precise air flow is crucial to ensuring all fumes and overspray are removed by the exhaust fan. The sizing and design configuration of the exhaust system must be capable of maintaining a velocity that is high enough to remove any toxic over-spray or fumes from the workspace; however, at the same time, the velocity must be low enough to allow the consistent flow of spray, so as not to affect the application of the finishing system materials. This delicate balance requires precision engineering and ACQS expertise, designing ductwork to properly ventilate and exhaust the paint booth without impacting facility performance.

With facility performance on the line for some of Boeing’s most capable and battle-tested aircraft, California Energy Designs was honored to be entrusted with the Air Quality engineering needs of Boeing’s Long Beach manufacturing facility.


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Aerospace & Specialty Facilities
Spray Booth Exhaust & Ventilation
Long Beach, CA