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Composite Horizons | Dust-Collection System | Air Quality Control

Located in Covina, CA, Composites Horizons is an aerospace products & equipment supplier. The company was originally spun-off from Aerojet in 1974, becoming a key supplier of aircraft components and critical medical parts. The Covina facility consists of four buildings totaling 161,000 sq. ft., each facility purpose-designed exclusively for the fabrication of its designated composite structures. With a product range that spans gas turbine engines, medical products, airframe components, and satellite devices, each Composite Horizons facility carries unique environmental needs in airflow, temperature, humidity, and ventilation to ensure manufacturing can proceed.

California Energy Designs was brought on in an Air-Quality Control capacity, to design the Dust-Collection system for Composite Horizons. To ensure strict environmental controls, Composite Horizons required a bespoke solution for its facility complex which houses multiple cleanrooms, autoclaves, sintering furnaces, and other equipment designed to forge composites that are capable of operating in temperature environments usually reserved for metals.


For more information, see the Composite Horizons company website and manufacturing facilities page. Photos of the facility are not publically available, all imagery utilized is stock-licensed. The depiction above is of a cyclonic separation process for dust purification.

Date Completed:
Composite Horizons
Air Quality Control System:
California Energy Designs
Project Type:
Dust Control & Collection
Aerospace & Specialty Facilities
Covina, CA