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Figuero Terrace Condos | Multi-Family Housing

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, The Terrace (also referred to as 1035 Figueroa Terrace) is a multi-unit residential complex comprising 45 three-story townhomes with stunning views of the city skyline. Each condo unit offers 3 bedrooms and bathrooms along with a boast-worthy list of impressive amenities—including walk-in closets, a cook’s kitchen with stainless steel Bosch appliances, outdoor patio space, and the latest in energy-efficient technologies.

California Energy Designs served as the MEP engineer on the project, designing the HVAC and Plumbing systems with unique features to enhance the wellness of the building occupants and allow energy-efficient resource consumption for the facility. With heat exposure from the large windows offering full skyline views and significant indoor-outdoor air movement—from the plentiful patio spaces—The Terrace project required an innovative approach to the mixed-use facility’s airflow & HVAC system design. In addition, the multi-unit residential building’s premium appliance amenities—such as the included full-size gas oven and range—called for a holistic framework to account for the integration of the overhead ventilation systems and stove exhaust fan units.

The plumbing design for The Terrace also included a tankless water heating system, a reduced pressure zone device—a backflow prevention apparatus used to protect water supplies from contamination, preventing both backpressure and back-siphonage—as well as a pressure booster pump system to increase water pressure for residents. These wellness design elements ultimately led to the Echo Park condo community selling out the inventory of all available units within just seven months.

While successful sales are always an excellent end-result for a project, the California Energy Designs team takes particular pride in the engineering design of the broader water quality and plumbing systems themselves — seeing as the lead project architect, Christopher C. Pak, who is the founder of architecture firm Archeon, also served as the Commissioner of the Southern California Water Quality Control Board. A true expert in his field, the fully-sprinkled multi-family housing project—featuring an underground car garage, elevator lobby, and contamination system—ultimately met Mr. Pak’s high standard in Water Quality Control systems.


For more information on The Terrace at 1015 Figueroa, see the official website and brochure of the property development; as well as the development company, Park & Hiles. Additional coverage of the Downtown LA construction project is available on multiple LA-based architecture and real estate development outlets, including Urbanize.la (covered twice), Exciting LA, and the LA Loft Blog.

Date Completed:
The Terrace
Project Type:
Multi-Family Residential
California Energy Designs
Park & Hiles
Downtown LA
1015 Figueroa Terrace, Los Angeles, CA