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Inglewood Unified School District | HVAC Design Engineer

As part of a broader infrastructure and wellness design initiative—aimed at growing community engagement and attendance through improved facilities—the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) secured the services of California Energy Designs to modernize the district’s HVAC systems. With practical goals in mind—including energy-savings, reduced operational costs, and a minimized carbon footprint—as well as broader improvements in the student and faculty environment, this sweeping, district-wide program fused with a wellness design initiative.

The scope of work included improvements to facility HVAC systems to accompany the freshly installed energy-efficient equipment — designed to both reduce noise and allow for increased natural light for students. By coordinating structural changes in airflow design and the replacement of prior facility equipment with newly insulated HVAC systems, IUSD was able to achieve improvements in both indoor air quality and a reduction in noise levels of instructional spaces, both of which have been shown to enhance learning environments for student performance.

As a pre-qualified engineering firm selected as a preferred vendor for multiple school districts—including LAUSD—California Energy Designs approaches every educational facility project with the same level of rigor and passion for student wellness. This district-wide HVAC system initiative for IUSD was no exception. Our talented team of consulting engineers took great pride every step of the way, striving to produce a comfortable, distraction-free environment that would remain conducive to learning for all the students of Inglewood Unified.


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Date Completed:
Inglewood Unified School District
HVAC Engineer:
California Energy Designs
Project Type:
HVAC System Renovation
Educational Facilities
Inglewood, CA