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SpaceX Cleanroom | Air-Quality Control Systems

Cleanrooms require intense control over all facets of their subject environment. From common contaminant threats like dust, mold, and other particulate matter to airborne molecular contamination (AMC) and potentially infectious bacterial threats. No more is this true than for environments which must safeguard the unearthly conditions of outer space.

California Energy Designs was honored to assist fellow California-based company, SpaceX, on its missions to not only traverse state boundaries, but earthly ones as well. Continuing its quest to further human advancement beyond the confines of our own planet, SpaceX has held highly ambitious aims for its Hawthorne HQ—calling for a suitably ambitious approach to its facility design.

While SpaceX may travel well beyond the bounds of our planet, every mission begins here on Earth. At its Hawthorne facility, SpaceX both designs and manufactures some of the world’s most advanced rockets and space-industry technologies. In order to do such, SpaceX requires a stringently monitored and controlled environment. With extraordinarily high standards for air quality & sterility, no matter is left to chance.

From high-air refresh rates & complex filtering to precise temperature and—perhaps most importantly—humidity control, cleanroom air control systems require an innovative approach to balance the intense energy needs with a minimized thermic & environmental footprint. Additional safeguards, like pressurized air chambers, allow further control by preventing the transfer of external ambient air during ingress or egress.

While cleanrooms have wide applications in a variety of facilities—including hospitals, research labs, & manufacturing of pharmaceutical and electronic goods—the team at California Energy Designs particularly enjoyed this ambitious project for the Hawthorne-based aerospace company.


Date Completed:
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California Energy Designs
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Commercial Facility
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Cleanroom Air-Quality Control & Filtration Banks
Hawthorne, CA