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VACCO Industries | Dip Tank Exhaust

VACCO Industries is a leading designer & manufacturer of specialty valves, filters, and fluid control products for aerospace and military equipment—including the U.S. Military’s F-15 fighter jet, submarine systems, and the Mars Rover. Located in El Monte, CA, the manufacturing facility for these mission-critical defense and space systems must ensure its environment meets the precise specifications required to produce parts that support interplanetary exploration and enable hegemonic aerial superiority. California Energy Designs served as a consulting engineer to develop the VACCO Industries’ facility’s dip tank exhaust system.

When it comes to priming materials and painting equipment, specialty equipment manufacturers often choose between spray booths and dip tanks, to ensure precision at scale. While spray booth exhaust systems, are often known for their complex ventilation systems, dip tanks often require similarly precise exhaust engineering designs. From local industrial regulations to OSHA-compliance, dip tanks—particularly those with substances that pose a potential hazard, as aerospace facilities often utilize—often require their own separate exhaust system, ensuring each contaminant is ventilated and removed separately.

Photos of the facility are not publically available, all visuals utilized are stock imagery of similar facilities.


Date Completed:
VACCO Industries
Air Quality Control System:
California Energy Designs
Project Type:
Air Quality Control System
Project Sub-type:
Dip Tank Exhaust System
Aerospace & Specialty Facilities
El Monte, CA