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Wellness-enhanced design

Global Wellness-Design Partnership with Delos

Wellness-enhanced designs are environments purpose-built and developed for the creation of work, living, and leisure spaces that promote wellness, health, and boost overall productivity and moral. Through our global partnership with wellness-pioneer, Delos Living, we continue to uphold the highest standards in Indoor Air-Quality (IAQ).


California Energy Designs is a primary pre-approved HVAC Design Engineer for Delos’ Wellness-Enhanced projects.

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Wellness Design | Global Partnership with Delos

An environment can impact many things, but its foremost strength is its ability to facilitate & promote wellness.

Better Air-Quality, Better Life.

Wellness DesignSystemsImpactFacilitiesBoost

Indoor Air-Pollution Triggers
of All Illnesses
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We Spend Over
Of Our Lives Indoors
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"Sick Building Syndrome" Effects
of New & Remodeled Buildings
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HVAC Design

Designing comfortable, well-ventilated spaces for increased occupant safety, health, and psychological wellbeing.

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Plumbing Design

Advanced water filtration and pressure boost systems to maximize occupant welfare and minimize resource-use.

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Air-Quality Control

Systems designed to improve indoor air-quality (IAQ) and remove contaminants from the facility. Click to see our video.

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Office Buildings

Wellness Design Boosts Commercial Productivity

Our consulting engineers have pioneered Wellness-Enhanced designs for office buildings and commercial facilities. With a focus on improving overall occupant well-being, we implement sophisticated air filtration and ventilation systems, improving airflow, circulation, and clean air standards. These improvements in Indoor Air-Quality (IAQ) have been shown to boost productivity, worker performance, and decrease absense due to illness.

We are also an official partner with wellness-organization, Delos Living.

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Belzberg Architects Offices | Santa Monica, CA

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Educational Wellness-Design | Indoor Air-Quality Fact Sheet

Educational Facilities

Wellness Design Improves Student Performance

From student performance to overall health & well-being, the Department of Education and EPA have continued to discover the significant impacts held by a facility’s energy & resource systems. That is why they advise institutions to hire engineers with design experience in high-performing, wellness-promoting systems.

With decades of history working for the largest school districts in the nation, our consulting engineers have cultivated a unique understanding of the situation institutions face when building or renovating educational facilities. Our expertise in airflow design, custom filtration systems, and wellness-certified projects helps us prioritize the needs of student and faculty in our system designs.

Indoor Air-Quality in Schools
Ventilation Impact on School Performance
Ventilation Rates on School CO2 Levels

Multi-Family & Private Residences

Wellness Design Improves Quality of Life

As both an official Delos-approved partner and one of the nation’s leading consulting engineering firms for luxury residential properties, we have the unique positioning required to design highly-innovative, wellness-promoting systems at the scale of individual homes. Often only included in sprawling commercial campuses with virtually-unlimited amenty space, it takes a creative approach and extensive sector-familiarity to produce these bespoke wellness-promoting systems at an individualized development scale.

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    Increasing Occupant Productivity & Reducing Waste

    The Impact of Indoor Air Quality

    Increased Performance
    Per Person Productivity Boost
    Annual Cost of Inefficient Systems

    Wellness Design

    Improved Environments for Improved Performance

    Study after study continues to show the significant impact of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial facilities. From increased occupant performance and psychological well-being to decreased sick-leave and energy cost-savings, it has become evident that energy-efficient facilities simply perform better.

    When it comes to commercial wellness initiatives, everything begins with the engineering process to design high-performing energy systems. Our team has extensive experience in Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS), including a global partnership with wellness-organization, Delos Living.

    • Standardized Cognitive Test Results
    • Ordinary Ventilation
    • Doubled Ventilation
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    Occupant Productivity Boost

    A comprehensive Harvard Study found that the productivity benefits a doubling of ventilation rates in a commercial facility generates an additional $6,500 per person per year.

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    Decrease in Illness-Based Absenses

    An increase in building ventilation reduced occupant sick-leave by 35% in a comprehensive study of commercial facilities.

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    Cost-Savings of Energy-Efficient Design

    The EPA estimates that typical commercial facility wastes 30% of its energy, totaling $60 billion in excess annual costs.

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    Student Wellness &
    Indoor Air Quality

    As studies have shown, indoor air quality has a significant impact on student performance, leading both the EPA and Department of Education to encourage schools in “understanding the value of high performance design,” to urge institutions to hire engineers with the appropriate skill sets.

    A pre-qualified vendor for multiple school districts, California Energy Designs sets student wellness and indoor air quality as top priorities in all of our educational facility projects.

    Faster Progression
    Increased Performance with new ventilation
    Utility Savings
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