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MEP Engineer for Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Projects

Our Facility Expertise

Our team of consulting engineers have extensive system design experience in a wide-variety of facility-types. From luxury private residences & multi-family housing to specially designed cleanrooms for aerospace & pharmacetucal manufacturing, we have produced bespoke designs for every sector.

Our Works

Our innovative approach to system design has distinguished us from competitors for an unparalleled ability to tackle any engineering challenge. Combining creativity with laser-focused industry-expertise, we have succeeded where others dare not tread.

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Portfolios 1

KuKu Farms | Architectural Digest Feature of the Ashton Kucher & Mila Kunis Residence

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Residence 'KuKu Farms' | Architectural Digest Cover Story (June 2021)

SAOTA Hillside House in the Hollywood Hills. California Energy Designs provided MEP Services for the system design of Hillside. Voted LA Times House of the Week, Hillside listed for over $40 million.

Hillside House | SAOTA

SAOTA Hollywood Hills Estate | $43M

Portfolios 2

Belzberg Architects | LEED-Certified Santa Monica Offices

Belzberg Architects | Office Buildings

Portfolios 3

Los Feliz LEED-Gold Affordable Housing

Los Feliz Affordable Housing | Multi-Family Residential | HVAC & Plumbing Engineer

Portfolios 4

AT&T Data Center | Commercial Cooling System

AT&T Madison Complex | Commercial Facility | Data Center Cooling System

Portfolios 5

Foo Fighters Sound Studio | Acoustic HVAC System

Foo Fighters Studio 606 | Sound Studio | Noise-Reduced HVAC System Design

Portfolios 6

Shrine Auditorium | HVAC System

Shrine Auditorium | Event Venue & Concert Hall | HVAC System Redesign

Portfolios 7

Kaplan Pavilion at City of Hope | MEP Engineer

Kaplan Family Pavillion at City of Hope | Mixed-Use | Medical & Research Facility

Portfolios 8

Brotman Medical Center | HVAC & Plumbing Design

Brotman Medical Center | Full HVAC & Plumbing System Redesign

Mayfair Live-Work Multi-Family Housing | Mixed Use | California Energy Designs provided HVAC and Plumbing System Design Services

Mayfair Live-Work | Mixed-Use

Mayfair Live-Work | Mixed-Use Multi-Unit Residential & Commercial | HVAC and Plumbing System Design

Portfolios 9

Figuero Terrace Condos | Multi-Family Housing

The Terrace Condos | Multi-Family Residential| HVAC & Plumbing System Design

Portfolios 10

Wilshire High-Rise Condos | Cooling Tower Retrofit

Ten Five Sixty Condos | Multi-Family Residential | Cooling Tower Replacement

Portfolios 11

Eddie Murphy Residence | Beverly Park

Eddie Murphy Residence | Lot 19 Beverly Park | Luxury Residential

California Energy Designs | Hycor Biomedical Cleanroom Cooling System Design | Cooling System Stock Photo

Hycor Biomedical | Cleanroom Cooling System

Hycor Biomedical | Air Quality Control System | Cooling for Pharmaceutical Cleanroom (8 Zones)

Portfolios 12

KFA Residence | Landry Design Group

KFA Residence | Award-Winning Landry Design Group Residence

Portfolios 13

Composite Horizons | Dust-Collection System | Air Quality Control

Composite Horizons | Air-Quality Control System | Dust-Collection System

Portfolios 14

Boeing Facility | Air Quality Control System

Boeing Facility | Air Quality Control System | Spray Booth Ventilation

Portfolios 15

Le Belvedere | Mohamed Hadid

Le Belvédère | Mohamed Hadid

Portfolios 16

Mariposa House | Brininstool+Lynch

Mariposa House | Luxury Residential

Portfolios 17

1540 Skylark | McClean Design

McClean Design Bird Streets Estate | Skylark Lane

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HVAC, Plumbing, & Air-Quality Control System Design

Featured Projects


HVAC & Plumbing Design | Hollywood Hills, CA

Our team of consulting engineers designed the HVAC & Plumbing systems for this $43M Hollywood Hills residence that was named L.A. Times’ “Home of the Week” after its completion. At over 20,000 Sq. Ft., Hillside was the largest Hollywood Hills home for sale upon listing. The Cape Town-based firm, SAOTA, served as the lead architect, with Woods+Dangaran serving as the Architect-of-Record (AOR).

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Projects 57

Aerial Footage of the $43M Luxury Residence | Featured by Forbes & CNBC

Projects 58

HVAC & Air-Quality Control Systems (AQCS)

Speciality Facilities & Cleanrooms

Hycor Biomedical Manufacturing Facility

Hycor Biomedical is a medical device manufacturer and supplier specializing in allergy testing, autoimmune, and in-vitro diagnostic products. Our team at California Energy Designs produced HVAC and Air-Quality Control systems for the company’s Garden Grove manufacturing facility, supplying over 45-tons of cooling, in eight distinct zones, for the facility’s pharmaceutical-grade clean-rooms.

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Office Buildings

Belzberg Architects’ Offices | Santa Monica, CA

For the design of its own office facilities, Santa Monica-based Belzberg Architects took a highly innovative approach in addressing its energy needs. Our consulting engineers provided HVAC, Plumbing, and Air-Quality control expertise on the LEED-Certified project. The one-of-a-kind commercial facility utilized elements inherent in its coastal surroundings—including 100% passive ventilation from prevailing winds, channeled into the building by a specially designed wind tunnel—to achieve LEED-NC Gold-certification.

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Projects 25

Belzberg Architects Offices | Santa Monica, CA

MEP Engineer | System Design for Any Facility

Our Services

HVAC Design
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Plumbing Design
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Air Quality Control
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    Featured Engineering Projects

    Commercial Facilities

    Projects 19

    AT&T Madison Complex

    Main Equipment Building & Office Space | Data Center Cooling Retrofit
    Projects 61

    Shrine Auditorium

    Facilities Improvement | HVAC System Retrofit
    Projects 26

    Boeing Production Facility

    Air Quality Control | Spray Booth Exhaust System
    Projects 63

    Belzberg Architects | Santa Monica Headquarters

    Office Building | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 64

    Kaplan Pavilion at City of Hope

    Medical & Mixed-Use Commercial Complex | MEP Engineer
    Projects 20

    Hycor Biomedical

    Cleanroom | Air Quality Control & HVAC Design

    Featured Engineering Projects

    Educational Facilities

    Projects 66

    Inglewood Unified School District

    Facilities Improvement | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 27

    Chapman University

    Facilities Improvement | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 68

    Cal State Channel Islands

    Campus Expansion | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 69

    Cal State Channel Islands

    Campus Expansion | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 70

    Beverly Hills Unified School District

    Facilities Improvement | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 71

    Long Beach Unified School District

    Facilities Improvement | HVAC & Plumbing Design

    Featured Engineering Projects

    Multi-Family & Luxury Residential

    Projects 21

    Hillside House | SAOTA

    $43M Luxury Residence | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 73

    Mariposa House | Brininstool + Lynch

    Malibu Mid-Century Modern | Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer
    Projects 18

    The Terrace | Downtown LA

    Multi-Family Residential | HVAC & Plumbing Design
    Projects 23

    Seth MacFarlane Residence | IMAX Home Theater

    First Full-IMAX Theater in a Private Residence | Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer
    Projects 76

    Venice Townhomes

    LEED-Certified Townhomes | HVAC & Plumbing Engineer
    Projects 77

    Mayfair Live-Work

    Mixed-Use & Multi-Family Residential | HVAC & Plumbing Design

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